Mix 029 // Give me money, give me sex, give me food and cigarettes.

  1. Vox Low — “Now We’re Ready To Spend (1981/91 Remix)”, 2019.
    Sexy Parisian anti-capitalist darkwave smoothed out into a warm club embrace. A pleasant enough way to ignite the people’s revolution.
  2. Double Eyelid — “A Means to an End (Leather Strip Remix)”, 2019.
    The good work of Claus Larsen never ends. Here he takes the bones of a decent song and reworks it into a deeply sensuous vibe that is dark, danceable and emotional, a trifecta that never gets tired.
  3. Antiflvx — “The Last Sun”, 2018.
    The luscious beat and bassline are a good start, but the pleading vocals on the refrain pull you heart-first onto the dancefloor, even if that dancefloor is your bedroom at 3 am.
  4. Virgin Prunes — “Baby Turns Blue”, 1982.
    A brilliant flame that burned too shortly, Virgin Prunes bequeathed unto us the fire-breathing mid-range post-punk that made for an uncomfortable tour down dank, dark alleys.
  5. Panther Modern — “Creep”, 2019.
    The sound of the future is here: full-velocity synths riding 23rd century grooves. In an alternate reality, this is where Daft Punk could have gone. Thankfully, Panther Modern are even better at scratching that electro-punk itch.
  6. Unhuman — “Rapid Body Corruption”, 2019.
    Bleak machine beats that peel back the synthetic artifice of society to let us peer at the corrupt machinery within.
  7. Covenant — “Tour De Force (Com-pass mix)”, 1999.
    Haujobb’s frothing club take on one of Covenant’s mid-career highlights was our last glimpse of 90s electro before the world tipped into the ruinous Great Futurepop Depression.
  8. Blogie Milczenie — “Twarze”, 2018.
    This elegant darkwave from Eastern Europe unfolds like a lush Flemish Baroque painting, drenching the listener in velvet synth washes.
  9. Concavity — “Forget Me”, 2018.
    Absolutely delicious electro-goth that slows the game down into a dancing hunt between male and female leads with the listener left guessing who, exactly, the victim actually is.
  10. Doubting Thomas — “Nagual Tone”, 1991.
    From the single best one-off album the scene ever produced. I won’t even entertain argument. Overwhelming evidence to the brilliance of cEvin Key.
  11. Wingtips — “Deaf Pursuit”, 2019.
    Heroes of the new school synth-goth-wave-pop sound, Wingtips bring to bear the retro-future electro we adore with the intelligence of the post-punk scene’s most enduring actors. And yes, the entire album is this good.
  12. Ghost Cop — “Lay Down”, 2018.
    Claustrophobic, punishing, intoxicating, it’s the technoid club soundtrack of slow electrocution in baths of neon and tube amps. Do not sleep on Ghost Cop; they are the real deal.
  13. Houses of Heaven — “Dissolve the Floor”, 2020.
    A fresh, inventive take on EBM-tinged post-punk that hits fast with heavy machinery but doesn’t wait before pulling you into throttling songwriting and compelling sound design.
  14. Numb — “Dirt”, 1997.
    Name one track heavier, darker and more foreboding than this. More than two decades old and it will still turn your hair white.